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A study just published in the journal “Addiction” shows that vaping and a drug (varenicline) increase the chances of quitting. It reinforces another study in January 2019. It showed that vaping was twice as effective as using nicotine substitutes for weaning.

The four researchers behind this publication work at University College London. They were based on responses to a questionnaire filled in by 19,000 smokers. Participants, therefore, had to live in England, be over 16 and have tried at least once to quit in the year preceding the study. Just over 50% of them used one or more weaning aids.

The most frequently used aid was nicotine replacement therapy, whether prescribed by a doctor or purchased freely in a pharmacy. This means of weaning was chosen by 36% of the study participants.

Other aids selected were 12.7% vape, 5.5% varenicline and 4.6% behavioral therapies. At the time of the study, 16% of participants had successfully quit smoking. The majority had used aids for this purpose. However, 16.8% had succeeded without it.

For those who chose e-cigarette and vareclinin, their success was 95% and 82% compared to participants who did not take anything. As for users of nicotine substitutes, 34% of them managed to stop smoking.

It should be noted that the results of this study vary according to the age, level of dependence and economic and social situation of the participants. For example, nicotine substitutes performed well on older subjects. Finally, in highly dependent people, hypnotherapy and coaching have proved less effective.

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