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Today, you are not talking about products,I want to talk a little bit about smoking cigarettes and electronic cigarettes.

JUUL (JUUL) is released in Korea recently. There are many people who try to start smoking cigarettes everywhere.

I think that e-cigarette will become much better now nationwide but In the case of JUUL,
You should think that it is a product different from what is being sold overseas.

We call JUUL (CSV) in Korea, to be clear, POD SYSTEM is accurate.

We use a cartridge that contains liquid, called POD, It is called POD SYSTEM.


There is a thing called SALT NICOTINE.

Nicotine is extracted from leaves, stems, and makes a 99.9% nicotine solution. However, the disadvantage is that as the concentration increases, If you go over 10MG, your neck will become very sick and get sick.

But in the case of SALT NICOTINE, Nicotine and ammonia are converted to white crystallization (SALT) using a reaction formula.
Nicotine dissolved in PG.

This is no matter how high the concentration is, No nausea, no headaches.
In addition, the rate of absorption is much faster than conventional nicotine, so it quickly decreases smoking needs.

Salt Nicotine is nicotine suitable for heavy smokers. If we do not smoke more than two cups a day
If you do not smoke more than 6MG cigarettes at the beginning of the year, you do not need to.

To smoke this salt nicotine cannot be used with a regular electronic cigarette. This is because a very small amount of liquid phase must be evaporated and baked.

It is not suitable for devices that evaporate large amounts of liquid such as conventional just fog, viper and so on. Therefore, it is the pot system which was made by optimizing this.

Unlike other electronic cigarettes, the resistance of the pot system is usually very high. That’s why you can absorb salt nicotine by evaporating a small amount of liquid with very low watts.

The concentration of commonly used salt nicotine is classified into 25MG, 30MG, 40MG, and 50MG, this is the average concentration of nicotine when evaporated. However, the current law in the country cannot exceed the concentration of nicotine 20MG. Individuals may own less than 20 MG, In the case of exceeding 20MG, ‘hazardous chemical substance management’ should be given by the Ministry of Environment.

Therefore, the concentration in all stores in Korea does not exceed 10MG. What happens if you put this low salt nicotine in your pot system?


The impact on the neck of salt nicotine and normal nicotine is more than three times the difference. One-third of the normal nicotine striking sensation is salt nicotine.

So, the sense of hitting we can feel with the salt nicotine 9.9MG
The only 3MG of nicotine is normal.

Here, the use of generic nicotine 3MG is being used for pneumothorax (not only for the pot system) but also for the lungs. Because of this, in the pot system, There is little nicotine fulfillment.

I do not know why suddenly the hot system of the pot system happened in Korea. I do not think salt nicotine, which you buy on the market, makes no sense.

So, using the line you are using (JUUL) It is very difficult to quit smoking. E-cigarettes are very disappointing and are likely to return to the beginning of the year.

Do not use the pot system, We recommend that you quit using regular electronic cigarette machine.

In the case of me Identify smoking patterns and habits of all guests coming, We introduce electronic cigarette equipment corresponding to that.

As a result, the number of times people smoke at the beginning of the year has decreased, Even those who smoke more than two packs a day are not touching the beginning of the year.

Electronic cigarette Unlike in the past, it has developed a lot. If you have bad memories of electronic cigarettes 3-4 years ago,
Please come back to the electronic cigarette shop and try it again. You can definitely feel something else.


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